• Market Yourself Shamelessly Workbook

    Is the way you market your talents Hurting you? With tremendous competition in the market place, can you afford to continue the same way? Or would you rather learn effective ways to develop the mindset critical to market yourself adequately?

    This eBook provides the ideas, strategies and tools to make it happen.

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  • Career Planning Toolkit for Graduates

    Graduation is the end of a phase of academic pursuits, it is also the beginning of another important one – that of translating knowledge into practice. It is critical phase which is often not accorded the necessary attention. Yet planning is sine qua non to success in this phase.

    Planning is the sine qua non to success in this phase. Career Planning Toolkit for Graduates is the road map required to navigate the difficult terrain of the world of work. Researched and put together as a guide post to stimulate graduates into thinking and planning their career. It highlights the critical and essential steps graduates need to thrive in career and in life.

    P.S. Available as an MP3 download or as a DVD hard copy.

  • Effective Communication

    We know that being an effective communicator is worth more than its weight in gold. But the ability to communicate with confidence, competence and control does not come naturally.

    This eBook provide strategies to practice and cultivate in order to build reputation and communicate your quality.

  • How To Manage Your Lost Career

    Our career determines to a large extent what our lives will be. It can make it boring, stressful and unhappy, on the other hand it can make it lively, exciting and fulfilling. This is why we have to get it right. But more often than not, many do not get it right. If your career has not gone as you wanted, cheer up, there is something you can do to change that yet!

    This eBook affirms the thinking that you can change your life anytime you want. It provides the ideas, tools and strategies for turning things around.

    Download your copy now.

    P.S. This eBook is offered with a FREE one hour online support to make.